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Jen - mom of JJ

“We hired Sandra after our son sustained a sports injury to his knee. She is very knowledgeable and works so well with kids! The best part was her services offered in our home. So no travel for us and she showed him exactly what exercises/therapy to do with what we had at home.”

Brittany - mom of C

"My son has been blessed to work with Sandra Hall as his physiotherapist for the last 3 years.  Sandra has the most amazing expertise, care, humor and resourcefulness to work with some of the most extraordinary kids in the Grey/Bruce region.  She truly knows how to engage and empower kids who have faced enormous challenges in their lives. My son is a brave young boy with a condition known as Arthrogryposis that affects him in his hips, legs, knees ankles.  He requires the support of a wheelchair and orthotics for mobility.  

For the last year, Sandra and the staff at GRACE were gracious enough to problem-solve around the COVID restrictions and figure out a way that kids like my son could continue their critical therapies, such as hippotherapy.  We could not be more grateful!  For an eager, determined, resilient kid like mine, it was agonizing to watch his years of physical progress decline as therapeutic interventions were denied during COVD lockdowns.  So much of his world was suddenly closed off from him and it was a physical setback as well as mental and emotional.  Hippotherapy at GRACE became his saving grace.

To watch his face light up as he mounts Misty or Abby, to see him engage so enthusiastically with the knowledgeable and compassionate staff, to witness his confidence flourish, his physical stamina, flexibility and strength build each week, to see him smile and laugh as he feels a sense of empowerment looking down - instead of always up - at the world for once, to see him master new challenges each week as his independence thrives is worth every mile, every dollar, every sacrifice we have to make to get him to those sessions each week."

Kim - mom of S

"When I adopted my daughter at age 4, her previous physiotherapist had recommended that she simply be "kept comfortable" as she was sure that she could never walk in a walker, stand with assistance, ride an adapted bike, assist with transfers, or even fully support her own head.  Sandra came into our lives and fully dedicated herself to helping my daughter reach her full potential.  With the help of the right equipment, physio exercises, hippotherapy and now hydrotherapy, the sky is the limit and we have Sandra to thank for that."

Julie - mom of K

"I have worked with Sandra professionally for years.  When my own child sustained an injury, she was the first person I contacted.  Sandra is a very professional and skilled physiotherapist.  She was able to adapt our physiotherapy exercises to incorporate what we had within our home.  Her instructions were easy to follow and made sense.  Sandra also made sure we had written instructions and pictures.  We were able to borrow some of her pieces of equipment such as a large Yoga ball and my daughter actually enjoyed the physio exercises that Sandra gave her.   We were very appreciative of all that Sandra did."

Aunalea - mom of J

"Sandra has provided physiotherapy treatment for our severely intellectually challenged son with Cerebral Palsy.  Sandra has provided clear and helpful treatment plans as well as teaching our family and other care givers how to care for our son.  She has always been approachable, highly professional and very skilled in treatment and teaching.  She has an amazing ability to modify in a gentle and insightful way, every exercise until we can fully accomplish the entrie series of exercises.  Her suggestions are practical and do-able.  Sandra is an intuitive and rare primary care provider who respects other members of a team and suggests other modes of treatment to encourage prevention and person centered care.  Her keen sense of understanding and lifelong learning in her profession is obvious in her recent training and incorporating hippotherapy into her patient's treatment plans.  We have appreciated all she has done to maintain and develop our son's physical health."

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